Perfect Holiday Estate Sale

The NUMBER ONE most important thing to know about this sale is the parking plan!

This house is located at the very end of a road with very little parking. We will need YOU to be respectful of the neighbors lawns, driveways, mailboxes etc. The road is only wide enough for one car so there will only be parking on one side and you will need to pay attention to the right of way traffic.

We have parking available to us at the lot across the street from the beginning of the road!!! A very generous neighbor has agreed to rent us his front lot! There will be signs that say “Estate Sale Parking Here”. If you are an able bodied person, please consider walking the 1/4 mile to the house. If you make a large purchase you will be allowed to drive up to pick up!

IF YOU HAVE A HANDICAP sign, you will be allowed to drive up to the house and park at the house or very close by.
Parking address: Corner of NE 29th Ave and NE 225th Circle (at the T across from the sale street)

NOW, For the sale information….

Parking address: Corner of NE 29th Ave and NE 225th Circle (at the T across from the sale street)

Wow, I cannot believe our incredible fortune to be chosen to conduct this sale/this time of year! It’s so big we’ve collaborated with ThreeSixty Estate Services, now servicing Vancouver…because we needed the manpower on this one!!

We’ve extended the sale hours to accommodate for parking and wait times. This is an enormous house (6,000.sqft and soon to be on the market!) and it is PACKED full of incredible holiday decor, crafting, jewelry, furniture, angels, scary stuff, fun stuff and everything in between. I’ve taken 350 photos to show you most of what is there, however, it was impossible to photograph it all. Clothing is a HUGE category. Shoes, mostly size 8 and mostly not worn.

Shabby chic furniture, elegant lighting, crosses, gothic, spiritual, potions, quality, amazingness is in abundance at this house.

Here are a few things that stick out in my mind and are in abundance:

Marilyn Monroe, Levis, decorative clocks, Shabby Chic, Paris, Kids (all categories), Home decor, fairies, ponies, crosses, salt lamps, books, steam punk, positivity, day of the dead, Halloween, Christmas, Scrapbooking, crafting, art, All clad, Ed Hardy, NIB JTV Jewelry, amazing furniture.

We hope you’ll come see us this weekend. We know its a drive, we know it sounds like parking is hard but we think you will have a really fun time and we appreciate you.

Sale is just off I5/Exit 11

See you soon! Lynne and the Crew