NE PDX 12th/Hancock

NE PDX Hoarder=your good fortune
May 6/7th
1210 NE Hancock Street Unit A
Sat 11-4 Sun 12-4

Pun intended…She bought it all at Goodwill for the last 20+ years and she knew what she was looking for.
This is a packed 3 bedroom, three story condo.
There are no words to describe how beautiful this place is.
I could throw a bunch of names around…but who cares what they are? Lets just buy all our moms and grandma’s Mothers Day presents here and lets buy ourselves something to add to our own collections.

We will only be able to let 20 people in to start so if you see something you like you’d better line up. BY THE BACK DOOR. We cannot be in the courtyard please. Please be patient and know there is plenty to go around.

Sorry, NO coffee or cookies this weekend. NO ROOM!