March 5th & 6th Sale

Nice Laurelhurst neighborhood street parking!

4015 SE Ash St 97224



Saturday 11-4

Sunday 12-4

EXPO/COLLECTORS sale! This Laurelhurst home has two estates represented. Hall Estate And Olivia Fowlis, largest and most decorated German Sheppard dog breeder in America!

Both had very interesting things. A shell collection that is INCREDIBLE, Dog trophys from 1950’s-1970’s, art, vintage clothes, china, enamelware, cast iron, tools, collectibles, books, vintage, crocks, statuary, funky tables, lots and lots of great vintage linens, furniture and industrial pieces, jewelry, advertising, cast iron, shabby chic, benches and knick-knacks. The pictures don’t do it justice. It’s a very full house, fun interesting and NOT TO BE MISSED!