L Oswego MECCA July 8/9

5110 Rosewood St.
Lake Oswego 97035

Saturday 11-4
Sunday 12-4
No sign up lists, ever


Here is an entire chapter on what we have so far…

There will be Jewelry making tools large and small, Jewelry making supplies, IE; LS StarettDietz, Brown and Sharp, Marshall’s Jewelers lathe, Heegner Multimax scroll saw and stand and many more. The Maple John Frei Custom single jewelers workbench was 1650.00 retail….perfect condition! Gesswein Model T-101 Rolling Mill, Flex shafts and rotary by Foredom, Magnagraver 2 VP impact tool with Graver kit, Dentist drill, Multimax 18-V Variable speed 18″ scroll saw, K & D Inverto Staking Jewelry tool set, Vintage and rare Marshall Peerless 8mm Watchmaker lathe, General Radio 200-CM 1940’s Radio Variac, EI Transmitting tube for Ham Radio.

Precision wood working tools, Beading supplies as well as many Trade Beads, Ancient glass and stone beads, Jewelers lamps, magnifying glasses, and many, many more!

Drawing, sketching and watercolor paper: BienfangCansonStrathmoreWhatmanAquarelle Arches.

Inks; Higgins, FWRotring

Paint: Winsor& Newton, LiquitexSchminekeWilliamsburgGrumbacher, Designers Gouaoche

Fredrix canvas boards

Paint Brushes: Winsor & Newton, Loew Cornell, Robert Simmons, Princeton, Grumbacher, Dick Blick and MORE…

Oil and watercolor paints, all new and hundreds of paint brushes very fine quality, as well as canvases, paper, sketching, pencils, calligraphy, inks, drafting tables, storage for prints from Mayline, and the Books are incredible! Every art book imaginable!

Vintage art supplies, drafting supplies, and calligraphy supplies as well as collections of Pen wipes, ink well’s, pencil sharpeners and graphing tools.

Pencils; Kimberly, Mongol, Wallace, Faber Castell, Venus.

That’s just the beginning. There are collections of fine pens: Cartier, Parker, Caran d’Ache, Dunhill, St. Dupont, Monteblonc. Antique pencil sharpener collection, Pen Wipes, Box collection, Thorens, Faber, Planetary, Webster many from 1800’s, Pocket knives including Ted Miller, Cobalt Poison bottles, rock slabs, McCoy, Portmeirion, Antique quilt collection, Schafer & Vater Poison flask, Mayline drafting Co. 5 drawer file,

INSANE book collection; Ham radio, Jewelry making, collecting, travel, art, Metalwork, beads, stocks, fiction, Silversmithing, engraving, Vintage and antique, Ham Radio, tubes, wiring etc. music, Kurzweil Keyboard, WADE figurines, vintage laces, excellent bedding, sheets, quilts, original art, prints, lithos and more, Kenwood stereo system, excellent kitchen and patio/garden too.

The AMISH furniture company Dining room table and 6 chairs is outstanding! Client paid 6500.00 in 2005. There is also a beautiful AMISH bent wood rocker.