Irvington Massive Estate 45 yrs! March 26/27, 2022

HUNDREDS of photos will be posted Thursday night.

This 4 story stately home in Irvington was a family home for 45+ years.
Sale is Saturday 11-4 Sunday 12-4

2332 NE 16th Ave Portland OR 97212

If for no other reason than to come out this weekend, you’ll love this house! It will soon be for sale….Come check it out.

Books, Not just run of the mill books….

Black history and black literature, classics, literature, NY history, art books…a true readers library! Collectible books, mass market paperbacks, trade paperbacks, pulp paperbacks and hundreds of novels! In particular a signed Henry Miller! Incredible collection of vintage clothes, shoes, purses and most of all, HATS! Linens, cool, vintage kitchenwares, tons of original art, vintage Christmas, architectural salvage and amazing ephemera! There are so many amazing interesting pieces of furniture, rugs, and conversation pieces to make your home unique and eclectic. I love all the depression glass, barware and record collection.

I could only imagine how fun it must have been to grow up in this beautiful home. You’ve heard the saying…”If only the walls could talk”? Well, we found the coolest hideout in the closet, with club members’ names written in crayon. So sweet.

It’s going to take a long time for you to see everything in this house. All 4 floors will will open and packed with goodness for you to

buy. The master bedroom has a great set of free weights and some of the best mens vintage we’ve had in a while!

Check back for more info tomorrow night. We will send a sneak peek on Instagram tomorrow as well. I’ve to get back to work, there’s so much to do. See you this weekend!

Lynne and the crew