Incredible year end Estate Sale December 15/16, 2018

Incredible Estate Sale

57 years in the same house
13135 SW Foothill Dr.
Portland, Or 97007

Saturday 11-4pm
Sunday 12-4pm

This beautiful couple has been married for 73 year! He was a Navy Pilot and taught pilots during WWII. They have lived in this modest house since 1961. After flying and then working for United Airlines he retired to his favorite hobbies. Hunting (all the antlers have tags! mostly 1960’s), fishing and all that goes along with it. She loved to can her foods, cook, sew and travel. There is a common theme throughout the whole house….which is absolutely PACKED. They kept EVERYTHING. We are not sure how we will fit customers into this house but we are going to do our best. The garage is FULL of camping, fishing, hunting, military, airline memorabilia, canning, gardening, tools and men’s clothes. In the house….Sewing, electronics, vintage clothes (really size medium mostly, but the early years she was very skinny…) Vintage toys, kitchen, decor, MCM furniture, books and more. Its going to be a really fun sale for the end of the year. We are absolutely exhausted and I’m sure we will look it.

Come enjoy a hot cup of coffee, eat some cookies, take your time looking around. This is a fantastic sale. If there is something you REALLY want, come early. I don’t want any whining about not getting what you wanted. 😉