February 25/26 Shallowbrook Ln

5978 SW Shallowbrook Lane Beaverton 97007
Saturday 11-4pm
Sunday 12-4pm

Vintage, kitchy and down right awesome sale!
Vintage women’s clothes…utterly awesome, condition is fabulous!
Famalore anyone? Vintage fabrics or sewing? How about a Singer featherweight? Yes please…Excellent records, stereo, Sony Betamax machine and some fun, yes I said FUN office supplies. How can office supplies be fun? Look at the pictures, there is some great ephemera here…Kitchen is also a treasure trove of goodness, and everything is in perfect condition! Gardening anyone? lots of great old jars, freezer, Christian books GALORE (1.00 each) and who doesn’t need a bumper sticker that says “Praying for a greater Portland”?
I mean…common…
This gal bought stuff and never took it out of the box. I love this house.
There are a few parking issues…Please park on 152nd. Shallowbrook Lane is for residents only and we want to keep the peace. We have three cash registers this sale and lots of staff to help you navigate your purchasing. Of course you can drive up to pick up your huge pile after you’ve checked out…We love piles.

See you Saturday.
We’ll put on a pot of coffee and save you some cookies.
Lynne and crew.