Estate Sale September 15/16, 2018

Estate Sale
Saturday 11-4
Sunday 12-4

16521 NE Hoyt St. Portland, Oregon 97230

I’d first like to address the fact that we will be serving coffee and cookies again since it’s fall and it’s not Lemonade season ANYMORE! Plus we really need coffee when we work so its really kind of for selfish reasons.

We’ve missed you. Please come see us this weekend. I know its a drive, I live in Beaverton and the commute has been interesting. This sale is really kind of fun. I’ve come to realize that people who are quilters might also be (Hoarders)….of fabric. There is so much in the way of fabrics, quilts that are started, packaged quilting projects, tons of quilting supplies, sewing machines, and crafty items it is quite impressive (many NIB). There is also a LOT of great items from their travels (not feeling the CIA kind of travels like I was told by the family…..just cool stuff) and lots of 1970’s art, decor, kitchen items, lots of camping, tools, gardening and whoa…clothing, lots of it. We’ve priced it to sell: 1.00 each piece (unless marked) but that’s not a lot of items and there are some great vintage pieces.

I love all the stained glass windows, vintage Christmas, Pyrex, books, vintage Tupperware, mixed in with Waterford, new puzzles. So, whatcha think? You gonna come see us? We hope so.