The first step in the estate sales process is that we must visit the home where the sale would take place. This meeting is FREE of charge and there is NO obligation to use our company. We simply need a starting point to get a clear picture of what we are to sell.

Once we meet and review your situation, we can use our endless resources to facilitate getting rid of every item and getting you the best price possible. It’s no secret that every sale is unique, and so must be the process to generate sale ideas. We love a challenge and would love an opportunity to work with you!

There is a basic formula once the plan is set. Once we set a sale date, we begin the process of organizing and sorting. Depending on the contents and state of the home, this dictates how we proceed. We love digging for treasures and believe it or not, it’s not usually what you expect them to be! One thing that we have found, doing this for over 10 years, is that it’s never truer than in an estate sale that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

We ask that you please do not pre-clean the home of trash and things that you feel are not sellable. If it’s not sellable, we will find a great charity that would love to use it or we will recycle it.

Next we will price, clean, and set up the sale. If we need an appraiser’s help we have many qualified experts on our team to get the best price for your valuables.

We even talk to your neighbors before the sale to work out logistics regarding parking or other issues to minimize the impact on your neighborhood and let them know there will be some increased traffic that day.

After everything is set and the sale is upon us, we hold the sale, remerchandise it daily and, at the end of the sale, we clean up, call in the charities and tear down our tables and shelves. Once the sale is over and we have cleared out, we begin the accounting process to reconcile with you.

You will receive an accounting recap by day as well as expense sheets and copies of our receipts within 14 days.


You may not have enough personal property to justify an entire estate sale, or you just want to sell a few select items so you’ll fit into a smaller home, or you’re just trying to simplify your life. Every situation is different, so depending on the property, we may be able to help you sell the items through consignment.

We are very sensitive to the market. We know what will and will not sell and we’ll be candid and honest in our appraisal of your property.

So, how does consignment work?

We use a variety of methods to sell consigned items. We can combine your property with other property being sold at a full house estate sale. If appropriate we may place your item(s) in a retail location or we may think it’s something that should be sold in the worldwide market through our expert eBay team.

We have many channels through which your unique property can be sold. However, regardless of the distribution channel, we will need to remove your property from your home and some consignment methods are faster than others, so you’ll need to be patient.

Whatever we decide, you can be sure our decision is based on reaching the right buyers so you get the highest possible price for your property.

How do I know if my property can be consigned?

Each situation is unique and you probably won’t know what your property is worth unless you call us and discuss your options. Certainly some property just needs to be donated to a charitable cause, or sold at a garage sale or auction.

But some items are ideal for consignment. We know the difference and we’ll give you honest feedback about your particular property. We recently consigned a low mileage vehicle and we sold a Steinway piano for $11,000 as a consignment item.

Give us a call today to discuss your property and to arrange for a physical assessment of your items.

This is our business and we’re very good at separating the treasures from the trinkets. We’ll always tell you honestly what we think your best options are, so don’t hesitate to call us or send us a message through this link.

Who knows, that painting, piano, or knickknack you’ve taken for granted for the last 25 years may be a hidden treasure to someone else. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Any questions about our services or sales? Get in touch with us today to discuss your estate sale, downsizing or consignment options.

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