Incredible Aurora Sale

Incredible Aurora Estate Sale April 10/11, 2021
Saturday 11-4
Sunday 12-4

21214 Liberty Street NE Aurora OR 97002

We have an incredible sale this weekend and we’re so excited to be in Aurora! Just a few blocks from Three Daisies Vintage (where PDX Estate Services leases the 2000sq ft upstairs) so PLEASE make sure to stop and check out the store while you are out there.

Rock hounds, Vintage toy collectors, Ephemera enthusiasts, vintage advertising, old bottles and Quilting extravaganza!

You WILL be in heaven! PACKED HOUSE full of interesting items, some are from their grocery general store in McMinnville. Lots of vintage Christmas, Men’s vintage clothes, old dolls, Carnival glass, a VERY impressive salt and pepper shaker collection, AMAZING old photos, HANKIES (Liz), children’s books, records, working record players, Typewriters, books, trains, maps, 3 sets of china, jewelry, pillows, lots of interesting “smalls” that will be photographed Friday and I forgot to mention linens, so many! Check out all the photos!

We are so excited to do a sale out in Aurora! You will be so surprised at how close it actually is to Portland and how much there is to do out there! We are hoping you will make a day of exploring the cute town of Aurora and all it has to offer while you are out this way attending our sale April 10/11th.

PDX Estate Services leases over 2000sq feet of retail space above the store front owned by Three Daisies Vintage. Three Daisies is a beautifully curated antique store that has some of the best finds around! Nearby is Aurora Mills, Architectural Salvage, Chug Coffee, Filberts Restaurant (make a reservation for Sat or Sun!) and South End Antique mall. All recommended spots while you are out this way! PLEASE Tell them we sent you!

Aurora has many annual events throughout the year that are great family activities. My favorites are the flea markets. Anyway, I know it sounds like a plug for the store/town and it kind of is but I like to think of it as more of an endorsement. We love it out here and we think you will too!

Three Daisies Vintage is located at: 21581 Main Street NE 97002 Just a couple of blocks from our estate sale!